TPV Podcast, Episode 324: Noelle Tarr

In this episode, Stacy and Sarah sit down with Noelle Tarr of Coconuts and Kettlebells to chat about separating your self worth from your fitness goals, why fitness and health aren’t the same thing, and how to approach movement with a chronic condition in a way that will benefit your health. Click here to listen in iTunes or download and listen by clicking the PodBean Player below If you enjoy the show, please review it in iTunes! The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 324: Noelle Tarr (0:00) Intro (0:40) Welcome today’s special guest, Noelle Tarr of Coconuts and Kettlebells! Noelle just moved to northern Virginia and now lives down the street from Stacy! Sarah is jealous! Its been a while since we talked about fitness on TPV so that’s what Noelle is here to share. Connect with Noelle at her blog, Coconuts and Kettlebells, through her program Strong From Home, or through her new book, “Coconuts and Kettlebells: A Personalized 4-Week Food and Fitness Plan for Long-Term Health, Happiness, and Freedom”! (3:43) Noelle’s story When Noelle was younger, she was always into fitness. She was training for triathlons and running marathons, pushing her body to the max. In retrospect, she feels this was […]

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