Top Ten Must Haves for Spring Break

This week we’re going on a road trip to Florida again! You may remember that we did this a couple years back and it was a tremendous experience. Well, this year, in our continuing attempt to gift experiences over things, we’re going on a cruise the boys were gifted for Christmas! While Stacy and I have been on cruises before, and had a great time (although I cringe now at my overbearing judginess), the boys had to get their first passports to go. We’re extremely excited to take them on a crazy adventure and know they’ll have a great time. That said, we’re preparing for a long haul and a big round trip on a boat for a week! Thirty hours in the car again? Oh no! As much as we have been talking about the cruise, somehow Spring Break has snuck up on us. And we’re assuming we can’t be the only ones! While we’re running around with the last-minute scramble to get ready, we wanted to share the things we could not live without as we plan! ‚Äč Top Ten Items for Our Spring Break Trip! 1 – Sun Protection Sun protection with a fair-skinned family in the […]

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