Stacy the Lobbyist for International Women’s Day!

I’m so proud of my wife, Stacy. Today, March 8th, is International Women’s Day. To celebrate, I want to acknowledge the greatest woman in my life and her newfound passion for keeping all of us safe from harmful chemicals in our personal care products! Personal Care Product Safety Act Over the past year, Stacy has dedicated a lot of time and effort to empowering a team of 170 women with a passion for safer personal care products and putting it into action. She has worked tirelessly on this project. It has lead to a ton of personal growth as she has found an inner strength and leadership beyond the impressive skills I already knew she already possessed. It’s helped put into practice the philosophy she’s always shared: women do best lifting each other up. It’s been amazing to witness as she found a side of herself I always knew was there, looking for a spot to express itself. She has absolutely flourished lately. And I found a new reason to love and respect her. It’s been incredible to witness her knowledge and expertise of regulation (her day job) meet with a passion for healthy living (our side hustle for the […]

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