Sheet Pan Fajitas – Nightshade-Free and AIP-Friendly

You read that right, a one-dish fajita method that’s AIP-friendly and nightshade free. What is this magic… or why would we want to have fajitas without peppers and salsa? Read on, friend… Currently, we’re a divided family and it’s causing a serious rift. You see, two of us, Stacy and Finn, cannot consume nightshades. Why? If they do, serious issues with skin breakouts, join pain and intestinal trauma occur. On the other hand, three of us can’t get enough. Matt seriously loves peppers and tomato sauce, Cole keeps a collection of hot sauce bottles in the fridge, and Wesley eats tomatoes the way most kids eat apples. And it really becomes an issue when it comes to Mexican and Tex-Mex dishes. Who doesn’t love Taco Tuesday or fajitas? We found a way to make a compromise, though. Through inventive spice mixes that give the flavor of the region without the spice and nightshades. With that down pat after weekly Taco Bowl Tuesdays, we set about making something a little more creative – oven fajitas with no nightshades in the spice mix… nor the veggies! This has truly captured our entire family’s love for the dish while leaving out all the […]

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