Raspberry Coolie

This Raspberry Coolie is a play on words from “coulis” since we’ve added ice cream to make this a cool simple, delicious dessert to feed a crowd! It’s easy to make ahead and have chilled and ready in the freezer until it is time to serve. The Perfect Treat to Welcome Summer Growing up, we spent summers on Smith Mountain Lake, VA. Matt and I still take our boys there each year. At the lake, when we BBQ, there’s one item we have to have: Raspberry Coolie. Seriously, the host requires two trays – one for his own freezer for later, another to serve. The name started years ago when I was a kid.  “Which sauce do you want for the ice cream” became “raspberry coulis” as the best option (over strawberry or blueberry). The “cool” part of the name always stuck for me, since this is such a welcome cold treat on hot summer days spent swimming and boating in the sun. With the unofficial start of summer, I wanted to share this special dish. Years ago I requested the recipe from the creator herself and made a few adjustments. I’ve since served it several times, and each time […]

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