5 Friday Favorites: Squirrel Friends Edition

We’re on a roll! Three in a row is an accomplishment for us. Here’s the third installment of 5 Friday Favorites. This week is all about squirrel friends. The goal with the series is to simply provide you with 5 things we loved this week. It could be products we’re using, services we can’t quit, or vacation spots we loved. Or maybe just a moment we spent playing a game together. Either way, we aim to capture glimpses of our life here on the blog rather than just on social media. And in doing so, maybe we’ll inspire you to find something you love, too! ♥ 5 Friday Favorites: Squirrel Friends Edition click the title or image to check out any individual item more 1 – Penny’s Squirrel Nest Today, Penny, our baby Boston Terrier is getting spayed. We’re thinking about her and wishing her well. We thought you might be interested in Penny’s favorite toy, which has brought the whole family joy! Penny is a terrier, and terriers were bred to hunt troublesome rodent pests. We see that legacy in her when she tries to dig a hole in blankets or when she chases our cats. But this toy […]

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